Version 3.1.2

This version contains a fix so that administrators can assign an author to an event when it is created.  

Version 3.1.1 Released

This release fixes the author display name fix for WP versions lower than 4.5, cleans up a couple of minor php notices and updates the languages .pot file.

Version 3.1.0 Released

Changes included in this release: New: option to limit non-admin event managers to handling their own events only New: event managers with full admin privileges can modify the author of an event Improvement: Honour the user post reassignment selection (if available) on spiffy events when a user is deleted

MailPoet Newsletters – Updated

Version 3.0.7 of Spiffy Calendar contains a change to the method used to apply styles to the upcoming list inserted in a MailPoet newsletter. The styles are now inserted inline and should work better on all mail handlers. Also the expanded style is now always used for the newsletter event list.

MailPoet Newsletters

Support has been added to insert a Spiffy upcoming events list into your MailPoet newsletters. The list is inserted using the standard spiffy-upcoming-list shortcode (with any optional arguments), in the following format: [custom:spiffy-upcoming-list style=”Expanded” limit=2] As of version 3.0.7, the expanded list view is always used in the newsletter.  

Version 3.0.5

Version 3.0.5 of Spiffy Calendar will now allow new lines to be preserved in the event description field.  

CampTix Integration

This is a bonus feature, available to those who donate to the project

CampTix integration is available as a bonus add-on. The CampTix plugin is written by the WordPress team, and is described as “an easy to use and flexible event ticketing plugin created by Allow visitors to purchase tickets to your online or offline event, directly from your WordPress website.” The CampTix plugin provides some nice…

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Version 3.0.4

The latest updates contain the following improvements. Version 3.0.4 (January 3, 2016) Fix: Default styles for detailed event display Version 3.0.3 (December 30, 2015) IMPROVEMENT: Replace local time function with WordPress standard function current_time IMPROVEMENT: Simplify the year switcher build code IMPROVEMENT: Add CSS rule to the defaults to help avoid conflicts with other plugins’…

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Premium Themes

Premium themes will be continually added. The following themes are currently available.

Version 3.0.2

The latest release of Spiffy Calendar contains the following improvements: * NEW: Apply category colour to expanded list event titles * NEW: Test and tweak styles for WordPress 4.4 and Twenty Sixteen theme * IMPROVEMENT: add “weekend” class to calendar grid boxes * IMPROVEMENT: remove form padding in default CSS * IMPROVEMENT: remove 200px limitation…

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